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February 2017

Two New Data Science Books

Here is an update from Zacharias Voulgaris, Data Science Author, Video Producer, and Acquisitions Consultant.Produced Videos for O'Reilly Safari on Data Science, Programming Languages, and AI I have a bunch of videos now live on topics…

5-Minute Guide: Machine Learning

Did you ever consider all of the examples of machine learning in your personal life? Google’s page ranking system, photo tagging on Facebook, and customized product recommendations from Amazon are all driven by machine learning under the…

Hutoma AI

Hutoma AI - A marketplace to create and monetize deep learning chatbots. (Developer Tools, Artificial Intelligence, and Bots) Read the opinion of 15 influenc... (more…)

What Hadoop is not ? – BAMBI PI

Apache Hadoop is not a replacement of regular Database: Databases are great and they use SELECT command against indexes of stored data.Now, if you replace your database with HDFS then Hadoop would store data in form of files and you can’t…