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The Data-Driven Era Has Begun

All around the world, Talend is data-driven. Watch LIVE - 

#bigdata #bedatadriven @NASDAQ

  • Data has become a strategic imperative for survival and companies are looking for new ways to manage the scale, speed and cost of increasingly complex data integrations.
  • In this increasingly data-driven world, Talend empowers customers to integrate data in real time across modern big data and cloud environments and develop a unified and actionable view of their business and customers.
  • On July 29, Talend became a publicly traded company with its first trade on NASDAQ. Talend’s public offering strengthens our position to deliver the critical infrastructure companies need to harness the full power of their data.
  • Enter Talend with a modern data integration platform and an innovative business model.
  • Learn more about Talend | Read the latest blog from Talend’s CEO

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@Talend: “All around the world, Talend is data-driven. Watch LIVE –

#bigdata #bedatadriven @NASDAQ”

  The Data-Driven Era Has BegunTalend Lists on NASDAQ: TLND 

The Data-Driven Era Has Begun

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