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Accelerating Deep Learning

As part of our #AIFestival, we spoke exclusively to @nvidia about accelerating #DeepLearning

  • It delivers unprecedented levels of computing power to drive next-generation AI applications, allowing researchers to dramatically reduce the time to train larger, more sophisticated deep neural networks reducing time to market.
  • Earlier this year, Nvidia debuted their DGX-1 , the world’s first supercomputer in a box designed specifically for deep learning.
  • Deep learning or neural networking, is one of the most important advances in technology in our age.
  • As well as the tools to build and develop deep learning applications, NVIDIA also offer self-paced classes for deep learning that feature interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and live Q&A with instructors through its NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute .
  • Anyone interested in finding out more can register for free classes and find more recommendations for resources to get started with deep learning.

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@techtanknews: “As part of our #AIFestival, we spoke exclusively to @nvidia about accelerating #DeepLearning”

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Accelerating Deep Learning