‘Attack On Titan’ Saison 4 Part 3 Update: New Image Sees The Calm Before The Storm

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Update New Image Sees The CalmaLVPD 1

Studio Kusanagi has dropped a new look at Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3, giving a glimpse of the calm before the storm. As Eren has made his way to start the Rumblings, what horrific events are fans about to witness?

The official release date of the much-awaited Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 was announced in January. But when everybody thought that the third part would feature the series’ last set of episodes, a fourth part would be out later this year, to the surprise of many.

The new art sees Dot Pyxis’ empty office, showing the peaceful past. It’s a major throwback to Saison 4 Episode 9, titled Brave Volunteers, where Yelena gave the Titan serum to the anti-Marleyan volunteers before they made their way to Paradis Island.

However, Pyxis still chose to have his men train volunteers with guns, stressing that they had to keep Zeke on a short leash, considering he was still on the island. That said, he held the volunteers detained.

Though the image didn’t hint at what might happen next in Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3, it shows the quality the visual fans are about to see under the design studio as the series continues. The Rumbling has already begun in the fourth saison’s second part, with hundreds of Colossal Titans now on the shores of Marley.

So, it will be up to Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and the rest of the 104th Training Corps to stop Eren from his evil plans to eradicate the world. This group will get the help of their allies from Hizuru and Marley, so can they stop Eren from wiping out humanity beyond the walls?

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Meanwhile, after almost a year of waiting, the official release date of Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 is revealed. The third part will finally drop on March 4, nearly a year after the second part ended in April 2022.

However, the supposed final part of the saison has been divided into two. Hence, a fourth part will come, meaning fans have to wait a little longer before they finally see the series’ conclusion.

There are no words yet on when this final part will be out, but it’s believed to drop later this year. So, many hope it won’t be another full year of waiting.

The announcement includes a short trailer for Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3. And though it’s only 30 seconds long, it’s enough to hype the series more, featuring some new and familiar scenes.