‘Attack On Titan’ Saison 4 Part 3 Update: What To Expect?

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Update What To 1

Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 will be out in a couple of days, and fans can’t hide their excitement to see the conclusion of the series. That said, here is what to expect in the last few episodes.

The upcoming Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 is said to be two hour-long specials instead of weekly episodes. However, Crunchyroll will reportedly split it into an hour-long special instead, separating it into three episodes.

The upcoming third part may pick up where the previous episodes left off, with the Survey Corp doing everything possible to stop The Rumbling despite the odds against them. Though the group lacks equipment, people, and a concrete plan to do so, nothing can stop them from breaking the cycle of suffering and hate.

However, seeing Eren’s power today, they will surely have a hard time stopping their former comrade from doing his evil plan and annihilating the world. Hence, fans can expect to witness a number of deaths, which may involve some of the most fan-favorite characters.

But if there’s something that fans are waiting to see in Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3, it’s what the hour-long special episodes will cover. As the third part will be divided into two, fans can expect the first set of episodes to end with a major cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, the newest poster of the grand finale’s first half highlights Connie. Part 2 ended with the remaining Survey Corps members allying with Reiner and other Marley enemies to face Eren.

With the focus on Connie, he and others may be in danger when the fight begins. As they will do their best to stop the apocalypse, the anime seemingly prepares for another major death. So, will it be Connie?

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Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 will adapt the last few pages of Hajime Isayama’s manga series, dubbed the Conclusion arc. Thankfully, the series has dropped the first final part’s synopsis, teasing what is about to happen as its much-awaited comeback nears.

Eren has formally activated The Rumbling in an effort to destroy the world. Numerous Titans have begun their march, not minding everything in their path.

The surviving characters, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Hanae, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, and the heavily wounded Levi, are the only ones who will try to stop Eren in the final battle. So, who among them will survive, and who will die?

Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 will be out on March 4, while the final set of episodes’ release is yet to be revealed.