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IoT Central Bi-Weekly Digest, May 20, 2016

Bi-Weekly Digest of #IoT articles at @IoTCtrl  #abdsc #BigData #Analytics #DataScience

  • Posted by David Oro on May 20, 2016 at 9:10am in Case Studies
  • The Internet of Things is changing the world, heralded as one of the most pivotal technology trends of the modern era.
  • David Oro is the Editor of IoT Central.
  • The three grand you spent on your fully configured laptop ain’t no thing.
  • IoT vision is not net reality Simply stated, the Internet of Things is all about the power of of connections.

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@KirkDBorne: “Bi-Weekly Digest of #IoT articles at @IoTCtrl #abdsc #BigData #Analytics #DataScience”

We went to IoT World last week in Santa Clara, California. Over 150 vendors and 10,000 attendees were there showing there wares and making connections…

IoT Central Bi-Weekly Digest, May 20, 2016