‘Black Clover’ Chapter 354 Release Date, Spoilers: The Continuation Of Asta’s Training And Lucius’ Next Move

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After successfully defeating the dragon, Asa will continue his training with the Ryuzen Seven in Black Clover Chapter 354. He will try his best to hone and perfect his skills to finally catch up with Lucius’ strength and power to finally put him down.

Fans may get a glimpse of Lucius in Black Clover Chapter 354, and his reaction to finding out that most of his paladins have been defeated. The new chapter may also feature the coming of the Black Bulls and their move to save Asta from Hino Country.

The next issue may see Lucius’ next move after losing three of his four proven Paladins. It may reveal his intentions for the Dark Triad members other than stealing their Magic Qualities.

Yuno may also take the spotlight after his major character development, like Asta since his arrival in Hino Land. Though these two are often at odds with each other, they’re part of the series’ major elements.

In addition, Black Clover Chapter 354 may show how Asta will try to make it up to Ichika after accidentally seeing her in the bath. Meanwhile, the coming of the Black Bulls in Hino Country is further supported by Ryuya’s mention of them in the previous chapter.

In Black Clover Chapter 353, Ryuya revealed that Asta managed to blow away the clouds that covered a lot of islands in Hino after slaying the dragon with his Anti-Magic. He thanked Asta for it, helping him let the people see a clear sky once again.

Ryuya then said Lucius had the ability to resurrect people on the level of Grand Magic Knights, just like how he brought Heath back to life. From there, he mentioned the Black Bulls and their move to find a way to get Asta.

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While it was yet to happen, he told everyone to recover first. So, Asta attended a feast to celebrate their victory and got drunk for the first time.

Fromt there, he learned about the legend of Ocha-ami. After the celebrations, he decided to soak and enjoy the hot spring, where he accidentally saw Ichika taking a bath, making the latter equally embarrassed.

He apologized to Ichika the next day, but she told him he had to take responsibility for it. From there, the Ryuzen seven showed up and suggested that Asta attend another training session.

Of course, Asta willingly accepted the offer. What happens next will be seen when Black Clover Chapter 354 drops on Sunday, March 12.