BLACKPINK Jisoo Now Gearing Up For Solo Debut By Filming First Solo Music Video Abroad

BLACKPINK Jisoo Now Gearing Up For Solo Debut By Filming First Solow9OW0u 1

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is now gearing up for her solo debut. YG Entertainment announced Tuesday, February 21, that the idol is filming her first solo music video abroad.

YG officially announced Jisoo’s solo debut this year. Though the singer herself felt like she wasn’t ready yet, her fans are already eager to see her performing solo.

In an announcement via AllKpop, the label said the music video was being filmed in an overseas location in strict secrecy. The company even teased how big of production the MV would be, asking everyone to look forward to it.

We invested the largest production cost ever among BLACKPINK videos, it said. So, to ensure fans would love her solo debut, the 28-year-old is said to be hard at work to keep her promise.

She is reportedly working diligently behind the scenes to make everything perfect. So, despite her busy schedule with the world tour, BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR BORN PINK, she’s making an extra effort to record herself for her upcoming solo album.

According to reports, YG plans to shoot Jisoo’s music video all over the world to maximize the artist’s appeal, making her reborn as a solo artist through her new song. As she’s the only BLACKPINK member yet to debut, there’s a high expectation for it.

It can’t be denied that Lisa, Rose, and Jennie have successful solo debuts, so the same is expected to happen to Jisoo. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone last year, she seemingly has doubts about pursuing a solo career.

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She said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go solo yet, confused about what to choose between the music she could do and wanted to do. The hitmaker loves songs with many instruments, different bands, and rock music, but she has no idea what people want from her, resulting in conflicting questions. That said, she doesn’t know what will happen with her solo plans this year.

Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to debut solo in 2018 with the album SOLO. Lisa followed her with her hit solo release LALISA in 2021 and Rose’s solo song R in the same year.

Hence, everyone is now looking forward to seeing Jisoo’s solo debut. Aside from dominating the music scene, she has also conquered the small screens after having her first lead role in the controversial K-drama Snowdrop opposite the famous Hallyu actor Jung Hae In in 2022.