‘Boruto’ Episode 289 Release Date, Spoilers: Kawaki Smells The Danger Code Brings

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The preview for Boruto Episode 289 has already dropped, giving a glimpse of Kawaki’s doubts about Code. By the looks of it, the Otsutsuki vessel knows the danger the new villain brings.

The upcoming Boruto Episode 289 will be based on the manga’s Chapter 59, titled Knight. From the revelations of strong abilities to the formation of an alliance, the chaos Boruto and the rest of Konoha are about to face begins.

Fans already saw the extraordinary powers Eida had after showing it to Code. The two then allied, spelling danger to Konoha.

Kawaki was depressed after failing to compete with Code and his incredible power. And the new episode’s preview highlights how deep his fears are and how it bothers him.

In Boruto Episode 289, Kawaki rants to Amado and Sumire about how whiny and resentful Code is after seeing him in his dream. Manga fans know this happens after Kawaki has a nightmare where Code confronts him after being chosen as an Isshiki vessel when they were young.

Amado says Kawaki will remain as Isshiki’s vessel though the latter’s soul is already gone, considering his body is still Otsutsuki. Elsewhere, the preview also shows Eida and Code talking, though their topic remains a mystery.

However, the debut of Eida’s sibling, Daemon, is not seen in the preview, as the creators may want to catch the viewers off guard with this surprise appearance. Meanwhile, knowing Eida’s fighting skills are limited to taijutsu, it’s highly likely that Boruto and Kawaki may attack her, knowing they will not be affected by her abilities.

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This will make her dependent on her brother, Daemon, in Boruto Episode 289. And the latter is about to unleash his unique set of abilities.

The anime’s latest arc, the Code arc, is the fifth arc from the series’ manga, following the recently-concluded Kawaki arc. This storyline will heavily feature Code, the last active Inner Kara member who will be this arc’s main antagonist.

He has inherited the will of the Otsutsuki clan and has desired to be a celestial being. But to do so, he must remove the limitations Amado has bestowed on him and consume the Chakra fruit from the God tree.

But he can only cultivate the God tree with Boruto and Kawaki. Aside from Code, this arc will also see the main roles Eida and Daemon are about to play.

Boruto Episode 289 will drop Sunday, February 26.