‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 122 Release Date, Spoilers: Asa Once Again In Danger

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 Release Date Spoilers Asa Once Again InbQo9O 1

It seems trouble is always finding its way to Asa wherever she is in the world. Once again, she will be in danger in Chainsaw Man Chapter 122.

Asa has made herself relatable in Chainsaw Man Chapter 121, Theory of Happiness, after ranting and becoming suicidal. Yoshida asked him to stay away from Denji after believing he would propose to her. So, what happens to her in Chainsaw Man Chapter 122?

Asa was seen being surrounded by people from an apartment who probably threw the old man from the building. By the looks of it, these people are under some devil’s impression.

There are theories that they may be the depression devil who will try to manipulate Asa as she’s now drowning in sadness. Thankfully, Yoru will not let it happen.

Hirofumi may also have some secrets about Asa. So, will it be revealed in Chainsaw Man Chapter 122, along with the people on the balcony and their real intention?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 121 saw Yoshida invite Asa inside the Devil Hunter Club office and ask her what she was mumbling about at the school gates.

Asa couldn’t help but think that Yoshida might be into her after asking her out. She then told him she mumbled about how good it was to be alone.

After Yoshida agreed with Asa, it just made her convinced that he liked her. However, it was later revealed that Yoshida only invited her to tell her to stay away from him- though he didn’t tell her the reason behind it.

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Nayuta told Denji about the Devil and that the time had come for him to take care of it. But Denji couldn’t help but be sad since Nayuta wouldn’t allow him to have a relationship.

Nayutra tried to cheer Denji up, saying he would get more love from fans than a girlfriend when people knew he was Chainsaw Man. Denji agreed when the scene shifted to Asa again.

In her monologue, she said how sorry she felt for herself, thinking she was arrogant and depressed. She then claimed she was tired and better off dead.

From there, a man suddenly jumped out of the building. Yoru thought something was wrong and took over Asa.

She looked at the building, which residents were also staring at her. What happens from here can be seen when Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 drops on Wednesday, March 8, after a week of hiatus.