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Cloud Bursting for Dummies

Cloud Bursting for Dummies from @AvereSystems ▸  #DataCenter #Storage #BigData #IoT #ML #SDN

  • Cloud Bursting for Dummies provides a great introduction to network-attached storage (NAS), hybrid cloud NAS and cloud bursting into cloud-based compute resources.
  • What cloud bursting is and how to use it to expand your compute capabilities without expanding your physical footprint
  • By bursting to the cloud, you can utilize cloud compute resources without having to uproot your data storage onto the cloud.
  • Expand Your Compute Resources by Bursting to the Cloud
  • As on-premises infrastructure blends with cloud capabilities, a hybrid cloud helps you to gain flexibility where you need it most.

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@CloudExpo: “Cloud Bursting for Dummies from @AvereSystems ▸ #DataCenter #Storage #BigData #IoT #ML #SDN”

Answer, “What is Cloud Bursting?” and learn how to get started using cloud compute with on-prem data in Cloud Bursting for Dummies

Cloud Bursting for Dummies

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