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Big Data is Impacting Small Business

How [#BigData] is Impacting SmallBusiness!  @Faizi4it #SmallBiz

  • Google Analytics is a platform that provides passive customer data; as in, customers aren’t asked to provide information.
  • Big Data is Impacting Small Business
  • There are more and more automated systems coming online that can help businesses cost-effectively manage and analyze their data.
  • Big Data is Easier to Collect than Ever
  • If you don’t think your company already has data that can provide insights, one stroll through Google Analytics should be enough to wake you up to the possibilities that customer information can provide.

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@Socialfave: “How [#BigData] is Impacting SmallBusiness! @Faizi4it #SmallBiz”

The idea of doing anything without logging in, clicking or texting something or someone is almost unthinkable. Everything we do leaves a trail of electronic fingerprints. Companies big and small are using these pieces of data to piece together the puzzle of who we are, and how we interact with the world around us.

Big Data is Impacting Small Business