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Digital Transformation impacting Customer journey

How #DigitalTransformation is impacting the #Customerjourney  HT @mikegbuck #Bigdata

  • Consider: Customer considers to buy the product they wish
  • Service: Customers decide when, how and by whom they want to be serviced.
  • Research: Customers are doing research on all the available digital channels for the product they want.
  • Lego understand what is and what is not important to customer journey and design a “wow” experience to improve it.
  • Zipcar, the car rental company maps the customer journey from the first time they go to web site through the last time they ever use one of the cars and decide not to be a member any more.

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@fadouce: “How #DigitalTransformation is impacting the #Customerjourney HT @mikegbuck #Bigdata”

Digital transformation is omnipresent. It has already been changing our behavior as human beings.
More than ever, Customer expectations matter.  Don’t like t…

Digital Transformation impacting Customer journey