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Wearable InsurTech Infographic

Impact of #WearableTech on the #insurance industry

#fintech #insurtech #BigData #pricing

  • How Wearable Technology is Influencing The Insurance Industry.
  • Since then, wearable technology has evolved and today it has grown into a billion dollar industry.
  • Wearable technology encompasses a range of smart devices that can be worn around a particular part of the body or attached to a device or clothing.
  • Find out some interesting answers in the wearable technology insurance Infographic below.
  • Today, wearables are impacting the way insurance companies interact with their customers.

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@andi_staub: “Impact of #WearableTech on the #insurance industry

#fintech #insurtech #BigData #pricing”

Wearable InsurTech infographics: How Wearable Technology Disrupts the Insurance Industry

Wearable InsurTech Infographic