Lee Seung Gi Determined To Marry Lee Da In Amid Controversies

Lee Seung Gi Determined To Marry Lee Da In Amid Controversiest80n6T 1

Lee Seung Gi is willing to take the risk and marry Lee Da In amid all the controversies surrounding her family and their romance. The 36-year-old surprised everyone when he announced his plans to tie the knot with the actress, despite the fans’ cry not to do so due to her step-dad, Lee Hong Heon’s manipulating stock case.

Despite the allegations and negative news, Lee Seung Gi seems not to mind the talks about his future wife. He even expressed his love for Lee Da In in an interview with GQ Korea, released on Monday, February 27.

When he announced earlier this month, the actor revealed, via AllKpop, that he was very calm and carefree. He continued it took him so long before he decided to get married, so he was at ease when he made the decision.

He then described her fiancé as someone who would make a lot of effort and give him love, always staying by his side. However, he couldn’t deny that he was very nervous when he wrote his marriage announcement.

Lee Seung Gi continued that he has more courage and confidence in love, describing it as a different type of feeling. He stressed that there’s a clear reason as to why he can’t back down and has strong feelings not to give up despite the fans’ cry.

The Because You’re My Woman hitmaker announced that he would marry Lee Da In on Instagram on February 7. He said he had decided to spend the rest of his life with the controversial star, wanting to be her husband and not just as her lover.

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He continued that he wanted to share his joy with her and overcome hardships without letting go of her hand, whatever came their way. Lee Seung Gi’s agency, 9 ATO Entertainment, later confirmed the news, revealing Lee Da In had formed a precious relationship with its talent as her reliable companion.

The two started dating in May 2021, and their wedding would be held on April 7. Yoo Jae Suk is set to host the special event and sing a congratulatory song for the two to bless their future together.

In addition, Lee Seung Gi said on JTBC’s Peak Time that he had just made the biggest decision in his life, marrying Lee Da In. He stated he’s now living happily, getting warm greetings and support from his colleagues, promising to continue to work as an actor and make new music this year.