Lee Seung Gi Marriage: Fans Question Singer’s Move, Reveal Lee Da In’s Past Family Issue

Lee Seung Gi Marriage Fans Question Singers Move Reveal Lee Da InsIMaNT 1

After Lee Seung Gi announced his upcoming marriage to Lee Da In, fans couldn’t help but react to the news. With the issues surrounding the actress’ dad, negative opinions about her now emerge.

Lee Seung Gi made his wedding announcement in a post on Instagram Tuesday, February 7. In about two months, his wedding with Lee Da In would be held, but fans seemed to have mixed reactions to it.

The upcoming wedding has been the talk of different online communities. The netizens seem divided if they want the singer to marry the 30-year-old star due to her family’s past issues.

AllKpop noted that her father was imprisoned in 2011 for manipulating stock prices and making fraudulent money. He received a sentence of three years imprisonment after taking control of Corebit, a KOSDAQ-listed company.

He claimed that the company would invest in the medical bio-industry, making 26.6 billion won or $21.1 million out of it, but he used the funds for other purposes than what he publicly declared. Instead of making the investments, he reportedly used the money to pay off his debts.

Lee Da In’s dad completed his sentence in 2014 but was arrested again on the same charges in 2016 after his release. At the time, he made money again, worth 2.3 billion won or $1.83 million, by inflating the stock price of a KOSDAQ-listed company, where his wife, Kyeon Mi Ri, was a major shareholder and selling the shares through a paid-in capital increase.

This incident took its toll on Lee Da In and raised concerns about Lee Seung Gi, considering he had been a victim of fraud by his former agency, Hook Entertainment, before.

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In a discussion on The Qoo, some fans said they were shocked as he bravely took a path he shouldn’t have. Some even accused him of being foolish, asking how he could marry someone with a con-man father.

However, others have supported Lee Seung Gi, congratulating him and hoping he would live a happy life.

For starters, the hitmaker announced his upcoming marriage to Lee Da In a handwritten letter on his Instagram. He said he was about to reveal the most important decision of his life, deciding to spend the rest of his time with the Alice star, whom he loved.

From a couple, he wanted them to be married. I proposed, and she accepted, he stated.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s wedding will be held on April 7. The two confirmed their relationship in 2021.