‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 383 Release Date, Spoilers: The Heroes’ Possible Victory And All For One’s Defeat

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Release Date Spoilers The Heroesi0GlmL 1

Fans now look forward to seeing My Hero Academia Chapter 383 with the return of Hitoshi Shinso, Eijiro Kirishima, and Gigantomachia. All for One is also seemingly out of options for what to do next.

So, with this major twist and turns, does this mean the heroes now have the upper hand in the final war in My Hero Academia Chapter 383? By the looks of it, the future is much brighter for the Pro Heroes.

The next chapter will continuously focus on AFO as his options for survival and defeating the heroes are now dwindling. That said, he may make a desperate move to escape the scene and go to Shigaraki, as this will be his last-ditch effort to win.

The theories that AFO will steal Hawks’ wings may come true from here. The dark shadow is no longer on the offensive, so AFO may now have the chance to steal a quirk whenever possible.

This makes Hawks’ Fierce Wings the most sensible choice, as it will help AFO to fly away and defend himself at the same time. If he manages to escape the Gunga battlefield, everything may change in My Hero Academia Chapter 383, and fans may see the battle between Deku and Shigaraki instead.

Deku may receive notifications of AFO’s arrival that will kickstart his fight against Shigaraki. If this happens, their battle will surely be a must-see.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia Chapter 383 saw Hawks and AFO trying to understand the situation and making it in their favor. It then focused on Toga, worrying about her ability to clone but unable to use the quirks of the villains, like Dabi, AFO, and Shigaraki, even after cloning them.

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Uraraka and Froppy understood it wasn’t as worse, thinking Toga could use AFO’s power when she cloned herself. However, as she couldn’t do so, they were convinced that her power had limitations.

Uraraka believed Toga couldn’t use her clones’ powers, unlike her, because she might have mixed feelings about them. Elsewhere, the students helped Tokoyami use his dark shadow to suppress AFO, but the latter effortlessly got out of the situation with one of his projectile quirks.

As he made his way off the scene, Machia appeared and approached AFO. The antagonist asked him to stop the heroes, but Machia threw a mountain at AFO. Later, it was revealed that Shinso controlled Machia with his brainwashing quirk.

What happens from here can be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 383 drops Sunday, March 12.