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Apache Tez Now Available with Amazon EMR

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  • Tez offers Hive users a more interactive querying experience with a relatively simple change in Hive’s configuration.
  • For example, Hive users will see performance gains with queries involving multiple JOIN clauses.
  • For a list of optimizations, see Hive on Tez .
  • Both Apache Hive and Apache Pig users can benefit from using Tez.
  • Below is a screen shot from Tez showing the example Hive query in the EMR documentation referenced above.

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@awscloud: “New on the AWS #BigData Blog “Apache Tez Now Available with Amazon EMR””

Amazon EMR has added Apache Tez version 0.8.3 as a supported application in release 4.7.0. Tez is an extensible framework for building batch and interactive data processing applications on top of Hadoop YARN. By processing data flows and computations as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Tez provides a more flexible and efficient execution engine than MapReduce.

Apache Tez Now Available with Amazon EMR