‘One Piece’ Episode 1052 Release Date, Spoilers: Luffy Vows To Defeat Kaido As Momo And Yamato Try To Save The Flower Capital

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Luffy and Kaido’s fight continues in One Piece Episode 1052. After the preview shows how the rivals have split the heavens in two, it’s definitely a must-see how intense their battle will be.

Fans may also see how far Onigashima is from mainland Wano and a glimpse of Sanji and Zoro’s fight. However, it remains to be seen if all of these will be featured in One Piece Episode 1052.

Sure, the preview shows these characters, but with how brief their appearance is, they may only be seen in a cameo. The new episode may mainly focus on Luffy and Kaido’s fight, Zoro’s battle against King, and Sanji’s brawl with Queen.

Though the preview has been proven to be misleading in the past, the previous episode’s ending put Luffy in the spotlight. There’s also a chance that this episode will see Yamato and Momonosuke.

These two may try to stop Onigashima’s weapons from blowing up in One Piece Episode 1052. Momo may also continue to fly and become accustomed to using flame clouds.

Titled The Situation Has Grown Tense! The End of Onigashima, it seems to suggest that Onigashima is continuously falling on the flower capital. Hence, Momo and Yamato have to stop the island from falling, revealing it as their secret plan.

The new episode preview shows the island filled with explosives. So, preventing it from falling is the only way to save the flower capital from exploding.

Meanwhile, One Piece Episode 1051 picked up where the previous episode left. Momo bit Kaido while Luffy encouraged the latter that there was nothing that he should be scared of after managing to bite the emperor of the sea.

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Luffy and Kaido continued their fight while Momo and Yamato escaped. The two gathered all their strength and attacked each other, splitting the sky and making the moon come out.

After the moon became visible, Neko and Inu got their Sulong form back, and the transformation helped them defeat their enemies, Jack and Peroline.

Everyone became aware that Kaido and Luffy were fighting after seeing the skies split open. This helped lift their spirits, feeling Luffy’s presence.

Alternatively, Onigashima started falling, and Kaido intended it to fall on the flower capital to make it his new empire. Momo and Yamato planned to stop it from happening, while Luffy vowed to defeat Kaido at any cost.

What happens from here can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1052 drops on Saturday, February 18.