Prince George’s Role At King Charles’ Coronation Reportedly Unconfirmed; Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘Mulling Over’

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After reports emerged that Prince George would play a major role in King Charles III’s upcoming coronation, his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, will also be in attendance. However, it looks like it isn’t sure yet if Prince William and Kate Middleton’s firstborn will have a significant part in the crowning.

Prince George will reportedly play a more active role during his grandfather’s historic event despite being only nine years old. Allegedly, his parents, Prince William and Kate, are still deliberating if they will allow their child to be part of a huge and important event like King Charles’ coronation.

The Telegraph claimed that the Prince and Princess of Wales are still mulling over if the second in line to the throne shall be part of the ceremony. If he does, they want to know in what capacity.

They’re reportedly afraid that the kid will receive huge attention that may pressure him, given that millions of people will be watching him. Knowing the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are working hard to give their kids a normal childhood as much as possible, this appearance is something that they’re both concerned about.

This news comes after it was claimed that Camilla, Queen Consort, wanted his five grandkids, all older than Prince George, to play a role at King Charles’ crowning. Express noted that it would be the first time these children would be put under the spotlight-except for Eliza Lopes, one of Kate’s bridesmaids during her royal wedding with Prince William in April 2011.

These kids’ appearance symbolizes the unity between the two families and the affection King Charles has for his step-grandchildren. However, a royal source claimed it was improper to have talks about the roles Camilla’s grandkids would play instead of the monarch’s.

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Allegedly, Camilla wanted her grandchildren to hold the canopy over her head while the Archbishop of Canterbury anoints her with the holy oil, which the duchesses usually do. But palace sources told The Telegraph that no such role was given to Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles’ kids, and no decision was made yet about their involvement during the coronation.

Alternatively, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, will be in attendance and will only be spectators. Given their young age, and the fact that they aren’t direct heirs to the throne, they may not have major roles to play during the crowning on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, unlike their brother, Prince George.