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10 real-life examples of IoT in insurance

Real Examples of #IoT in #insurance

#fintech #insurtech #BigData #telematics #wearables

  • Those not ready to switch insurance providers can access the Metromile App in beta and receive many of the same features that insurance customers enjoy.
  • It is clear, from the above, that the role of IoT in insurance will continue to grow as insurers become more tech-savvy, and as many more millions of devices connect to the Internet.
  • The use of drones is increasing in the commercial world, and arguably no more so than in insurance where Erie Insurance has been using them for property inspections in the event of a damage claim.
  • Liberty sends the $99 Nests out to customers free of charge, and will take up to five percent off customer insurance premiums once installed.
  • American Family customers who use smart home devices may also be eligible for the company’s Proactive Home Protection discount (up to five percent) on their homeowners, renters or condo insurance policies.

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@andi_staub: “Real Examples of #IoT in #insurance

#fintech #insurtech #BigData #telematics #wearables”

Insurers may be seen as a laggard as far as new technology is concerned, but that perception is changing thanks to the growth of IoT in insurance.

10 real-life examples of IoT in insurance