Song Joong Ki, Katy Louise Saunders Bring Romance In Public With The Latter’s Family

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Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders have brought their romance out in the open after the former announced their marriage and pregnancy. By the looks of it, the two are now enjoying their time together with the British star’s family.

The media outlet Money Today reported on Thursday, February 9, that Song Joong Ki and Saunders went to Megabox COEX in Gangnam Gu, Seoul, to see a movie. Allegedly, the couple is with some of the women’s family members.

The group watched the film in a private suite. Saunders’ family is said to be staying with her in South Korea, living in their home in Itaewon.

Dispatch broke the news that the two now live in a villa in the neighborhood of Hannam in Seoul. They invited her parents to stay with them after learning that she was pregnant, and they’re now all living together.

The actor’s agency, High Zium Studio, refused to confirm the claim, saying it’s difficult to address the issue considering it’s its talent’s private life.

However, the company doesn’t shy from commenting on his marriage, announcing the 37-year-old’s plan to hold a wedding ceremony. After Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband revealed that he had registered his marriage with Saunders, the agency said a wedding ceremony would be held separately.

But it cleared that nothing specific had been decided yet. Currently, they’re enjoying their life as newlywed, going back and forth between South Korea and the U.K.

Meanwhile, on January 30, Song Joong Ki announced on his official fan café that he was already married. In his lengthy note, he revealed he had promised to continue living together with Saunders, who had been on his side to support him and spent time together.

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He described her as a woman with a kind heart who had been living passionately, a sensible and amazing person. Thanks to her, I am becoming a better person, he said.

Song Joong Ki added that they had dreamed of creating a happy family together and revealed a new life had come to them. He continued that they had registered their marriage and would begin a new life as a married couple.

He then thanked his fans, who had always cherished him, and promised that he would continuously work hard as an actor and individual. He hoped everyone would be happy and healthy until the time came that he could meet them all in person. Song Joong Ki confirmed his romance with Saunders in December 2022.