Song Joong Ki’s New Netflix Project With Choi Seong Eun And More Officially Announced

Song Joong Kis New Netflix Project With Choi Seong Eun And Morepqcdt 1

Netflix has finally confirmed Song Joong Ki’s new project with Choi Seong Eun on Tuesday, February 7. After the success of Reborn Rich, fans are about to see the soon-to-be-dad as a North Korean defector in Ro KiWan.

Netflix confirmed the production of Ro KiWan and revealed its cast and the official roles they’re about to play. So, are fans ready to see Song Joong Ki back on the small screen?

The TV movie tells the story of meeting new people, separation, and love between Ro KiWan (Song Joong Ki) and Marie (Choi Seong Eun). KiWan is a North Korean defector who arrives in Belgium with a huge hope in life, while Marie has lost her reason for living.

Fans are about to see Song Hye Kyo’s ex transform into a North Korean rebel. That said, expectations are now high on how the 37-year-old will look this time.

KiWan is having difficulty being recognized as a refugee in Belgium, where he’s left with nothing. But despite that, he still has a strong will to live.

He’s set to meet Marie, a Korean woman with Belgian nationality. Unlike KiWan, she has lost all her hopes of living, wanting to take her own life.

However, she will find herself falling in love with KiWan after their first meeting. So, will their situation give them a chance to love?

Aside from Song Joong Ki and Choi Seong Eun, Ro KiWan will feature Jo Han Chul, who also appeared in Reborn Rich and The Sound of Magic, reuniting him with the two lead stars. He will play the role of Marie’s father, Yoon Sung.

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Kim Sung Ryung will also join the film as Ok Hee, who’s the main reason for KiWan’s decision to go to Belgium. Fans will also see Il Hwa as Marie’s mother, Jung Joo.

In addition, Lee Sang Hee will be seen as Sung Joo, a Korean immigrant KiWan will meet at a factory in Belgium. Lastly, See Hyun Woo will play as KiWan’s uncle, Eun Chul.

Meanwhile, the announcement of Song Joong Ki’s new project comes on the heels of his confirmation that he’s already married and is about to have a child with his now-wife, Katy Louise Saunders. The two are now living together in a neighborhood in Hannam, Seoul.

There are also claims that they’re living with Saunders’ parents after she got pregnant. Song Joong Ki’s agency, HighZium Studio, later confirmed that its talent planned to hold a wedding ceremony, though it remains to be seen when it will happen.