‘Spy X Family’ Chapter 76 Release Date, Spoilers: Anya To Reveal Reaction To Damian’s Strange Mom, Family

Spy X Family Chapter 76 Release Date Spoilers Anya To RevealS1w0ae 1

Spy x Family Chapter 76 may feature the aftermath of the Red Circus arc. It may also see what will happen after Anya learns the twisted sense of love Melinda has for her son, Damian.

Sadly, fans have to wait a little longer before seeing Spy x Family Chapter 76. The manga is on a hiatus after creator Tatsuya Endo goes on a creative break.

The next chapter will mostly feature the Desmond family dynamic. By the looks of it, Melinda has a psychological disorder, which may be further elaborated on and revealed in the upcoming new issue.

Demetrius Desmond has been missing in action as of late, but the next installment may finally reveal his position in the Desmond family and his role in Damian’s life. From there, Anya’s reaction will be unveiled after learning about the toxic environment in Damian’s home.

Anya has seen Melinda as her rival in the Friendship Scheme. So, what will she do next after seeing the truth in Spy x Family Chapter 76?

Despite being slightly dysfunctional, it can’t be denied that Loid and York know emotionally healthy parenting. Hence, she will realize how stressful and mentally draining Damian’s life at home is, making her more sympathetic to the boy.

Meanwhile, Spy x Family Chapter 75 saw Becky telling Anya that the number one newspaper agency in the town wanted to interview them about the recent crisis. Henry overheard them and told the two that the school had already declined this request to make the incident a secret and keep the students safe.

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Henry was proud that they survived the incident without harming any child. The scene then shifted to Billy’s arrest, along with the Red Circus members, resulting in the release of the Eden Academy students from the bus with Damian.

The SSS Captain then ordered the lifting of the informational blackout. The police chief also asked the teachers to tell the students’ parents to pick up their kids at the local police state and might need to answer some inquiries.

Henry gave the students a homestay pass while Mr. Blackbell rushed toward his daughter, easing all his worries. This scene showed an emotional reunion between Becky and her father.

Becky, Mr. Blackbell, and Martha later left the academy to go home to meet the former’s mother. Later, every student got reunited with their parents, except for Anya and Damian.

What happens from here can be seen when Spy x Family Chapter 76 drops on Monday, March 6.