‘The Glory’ Part 2 Update: Song Hye Kyo Hypes Series, Kim Hiero Drops Fun Fact

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All eyes are now on the much-awaited The Glory Part 2, Song Hye Kyo’s hit revenge drama series. Aside from its lead star teasing what’s to come on her Instagram, Kim Hiero, who plays the role of Lee Sa Ra, reveals a little fun fact about the Chanel bag Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) won from her in a bet in an interview with Allure Korea Tuesday, February 21.

The Netflix show has become an instant favorite and has dominated the small screen since it dropped in December 2022. In less than a month, fans are about to see the release of The Glory Part 2.

Kim Hiero revealed that the Chanel bag her character used in a bet with Park Yeon Jin personally belonged to the show’s writer, Kim Eun Sook. In the scene where Lim Ji Yeon’s role got upset about Choi Hye Jung (Cha Joo Young) for telling other people that she didn’t do well in high school, she made a bet with Lee Sa Ra that Choi Hye Jung would arrive wearing the luxury brand dress she dropped at the latter’s laundry shop.

True to her words, Choi Hye Jin showed up wearing the said clothing, making up a story that her boyfriend gave it to her. After losing the bet, Lee Sa Ra gave Park Yeon Jin the black Chanel bag and aired her frustration on Choi Hye Jin.

Elsewhere, Song Hye Kyo hyped the coming of The Glory Part 2 by posting new images on Instagram, teasing what fans will see next. In the caption, she wrote 2023.3.10, alluding to the second part’s release date.

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The images show the actress as her character Moon Dong Eun, preparing to take her revenge against her school bullies with a bunch of photos in front of her. In another snap, she’s seen almost crying in what looks like a police station.

Netflix has also dropped official photos from the show, giving fans a hint of what may happen next. With the pictures showing Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), fans expect him to play a major role this time.

The story behind him and Moon Dong Eun’s mother will be revealed. As teased by Kim Eun Sook and director An Gil, they said the biggest focus on The Glory Part 2 would be who passes judgment on the perpetrators.

They continued that fans would feel liberated when they saw how the once-close bullies fight each other, ultimately leading to their destruction.

The Glory Part 2 will be out on March 10.