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The Seven revenue models

The Seven revenue models   by @chadkoh #tech #fintech #BigData

  • We have had these 7 revenue models for a long time.
  • Regardless of how dominant the Ads model is, it doesn’t work for everyone, and is failing many of our vital institutions it once supported (ahem public interest media ).
  • Innovators, we could use some new revenue models that are straightforward, and not detrimental to consumers.

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@robertoglezcano: “The Seven revenue models by @chadkoh #tech #fintech #BigData”

Consider the following chart showing how the Revenue per User flows for each of the major mobile platforms: The chart belongs to a presentation where Horace Dediu looks at the future of online services. (Disclaimer: I have not been to the event, nor have I seen the presentation.) At first glance, my first impression was:…

The Seven revenue models