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Thinking of moving to #NoSQL? Here are six questions to consider. #developer #tech

  • SQL To NoSQL – Top 6 Questions Before Making The Move
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  • SQL Terms/Concepts database –> table –> row –> column –> materialized view –> primary key –> table JOIN operations –> Document Store Terms/Concepts database bunch of documents document field index/database view/secondary index “_id”: entity relations 12
  • 5. NoSQL Document Stores 5 • That’s databases like MongoDB, Apache CouchDB™, Cloudant, and Dynamo • Optimized for “semi-structured” or “schema-optional” data • People say “unstructured,” but that’s inaccurate • Each document has its own structure

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@IBMbigdata: “Thinking of moving to #NoSQL? Here are six questions to consider. #developer #tech”

Learn what you need to consider when moving from the world of relational databases to a NoSQL document store. Hear from Developer Advocate Glynn Bird as he exp…


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