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Who Knew Cloud Storage Was ‘Cool?’

Who Knew Cloud Storage Was Cool? ▸  @Commvault @RDeMeno #DataCenter #Storage #IoT #BigData

  • Microsoftâ s new â Coolâ storage offering has provided me with more information for customers and partners.
  • The Commvault Education Advantage product training portal enables Commvault customers and partners to educate themselves on the use of the Commvault software suite
  • â Coolâ storage is priced significantly cheaper than â Blockâ or â Page Blobsâ and is ideal for data that isnâ t recalled more than twice per month.
  • â Block Blobâ was the original, followed by â Page Blob,â which is ideal for customers often leveraging Commvaultâ s global deduplication.
  • We are regularly entertaining that question from customers and partners more and more at Commvault.

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@CloudExpo: “Who Knew Cloud Storage Was Cool? ▸ @Commvault @RDeMeno #DataCenter #Storage #IoT #BigData”

The Commvault Maintenance Advantage support portal contains a set of powerful tools to enable Commvault software customers to better optimize their deployment

Who Knew Cloud Storage Was ‘Cool?’