Will Smith, Chris Rock May Never Reconcile After Infamous 2022 Oscars Slap

Will Smith Chris Rock May Never Reconcile After Infamous 2022 OscarsCRQU6Snkh 1

The talks about Chris Rock and Will Smith’s infamous 2022 Oscars slap is on again, thanks to the stand-up comedian’s Netflix special, Selective Outrage. Amidst all the jokes the Everybody Hates Chris star made, a source revealed Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband hadn’t personally apologized to him yet.

It has been over a year since Will slapped Chris in front of many people at the 2022 Oscars. And after everything that has been said and done, the insider believes it’s far that the two will ever reconcile.

A source told Page Six that though The Fresh Prince called Chris last year after the slapping incident, the latter didn’t answer, and they hadn’t spoken to each other since. Allegedly, Chris was open for a call until Will issued public apologies and had Red Table Talk discussions.

On Jada’s Facebook Watch show, she expressed her hopes to have her husband and his one-time friend reconcile. However, the insider explained that the After Earth actor’s public apologies were only to save his reputation, not personally apologizing to Chris.

As Chris reportedly didn’t expect a personal apology, he was said to be ready to move after airing his side during his Netflix special, which served as his closure. He wanted to do that in a safe space, the tipster added.

Chris finally addressed the 2022 Oscars slap during his live show, which he opened by reminding himself to be careful of the jokes he would make so that he couldn’t offend anyone and avoid being punched. Smith slapped Chris across the face onstage and on live TV when he joked about Jada’s hair.

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Chris referred to the shocking incident in Selective Outrage several times. While talking about Jay-Z, he said he didn’t need another rapper mad at him and called Will Suge Smith, referencing Suge Knight, who was convicted of murder.

He even compared his body to Will and the roles they played in movies. He then said the Hancock star had selective outrage.

Chris later cleared that he had no issues with Will, confessing he had loved and rooted for him his whole life. But after the infamous slap, Chris revealed he watched Emancipation just to see Will get whooped.

Chris also answered the questions as to why he didn’t hit Will back and did nothing about it. He explained that because he got parents and was raised right, they taught him not to fight in front of white people.