Yoo Ah In Drug Controversy: Police Found More Evidence In ‘Hellbound’ Star’s Home, Putting Him For Further Investigation

Yoo Ah In Drug Controversy Police Found More Evidence In HellboundOYuTKw 1

The police have found more evidence in Yoo Ah In’s home after the investigators raided his house due to drug suspicions. After finding out about his frequent use of propofol, the Hellbound actor has already been under investigation for illegal drug use.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit ordered its investigators to raid Yoo Ah In’s home on March 7. This move is part of its investigation into his alleged illegal drug use.

The police visited the 36-year-old’s home in Hannam Dong, Yongsang Su, Seoul, and his parent’s house in Itaewon, which he also registered as his residential address. After the search operation concluded, it was revealed that the police found additional evidence, though they didn’t disclose any details about the items found.

However, after the evidence is analyzed, the creative director is expected to be summoned as a suspect anytime this month. In a statement via AllKpop, law enforcement said they searched the two places registered as the suspect’s home after securing a search and seizure warrant.

During the press conference held at the Seodaemun-gu Police Agency in Seoul, a National Police Agency official said The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency performed a comprehensive investigation and would summon Yoo Ah In for further investigation.

The Alive star was suspected of using propofol more than a hundred times since 2021. The drug was even administered in an amount that exceeded 4400 ml on 73 occasions in the said year alone and about 30 times in 2022.

With frequent use, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety started to suspect Yoo Ah In of illegal drug use and has put him under investigation. The agency also claimed that the user’s prescription purchases for propofol were for nonmedical purposes.

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Propofol is a powerful sleep-inducing drug usually administered to people who will undergo surgery. So to know if Yoo Ah In is guilty of using it, the police collected samples of his hair and urine as soon as he arrived in South Korea at the Incheon International Airport on February 5.

His hair and urine samples tested positive not just for the use of propofol but also for marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine, making everyone surprised. As a result, he has been banned from leaving the country for further investigation.

The police are now checking Yoo Ah In’s ketamine prescription records to see if he has used the drug habitually. The case is still ongoing until today.