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NYC Cloud Expo: Accelerite Unveils CloudSense: Zero-to-Cloud in 60 Minutes

Zero-to-Cloud in 60 Minutes ▸  @Accelerite #BigData #IoT #CloudSense #DigitalTransformation

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  • “Today’s enterprises realize they must migrate to the cloud.
  • While private clouds are highly economical compared to public clouds for deployments of scale, the IT departments often struggle with the challenges involved in designing and deploying a cloud with the ease of use as well as the strong feature-set available in today’s public clouds,” said Nara Rajagopalan, CEO of Accelerite. “
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@CloudExpo: “Zero-to-Cloud in 60 Minutes ▸ @Accelerite #BigData #IoT #CloudSense #DigitalTransformation”

There is plenty of great enterprise cloud adoption news here at the 18th International Cloud Expo in NYC! Vendor, Accelerite, a provider of infrastructure software for cloud, mobility, IoT, and endpoint management solutions, just unveiled it’s new product, CloudSense, which is powered by Apache CloudStack. The cloud appliance will allow enterprises to migrate from crate-to-cloud in 60 minutes or less. Accelerite is showcasing its CloudSense and cloud solutions at Booth 301 at Cloud Expo today through Thursday, at the Javits Center in New York City.

NYC Cloud Expo: Accelerite Unveils CloudSense: Zero-to-Cloud in 60 Minutes