Heechul Issues Apology Following Online Backlash: Here’s Why Fans See It As Hypocrisy

Heechul Issues Apology Following Online Backlash Heres Why Fans SeeXwMf6AEe 1

Heechul apologized after the online backlash following his sentiments about sensitive topics on BJ Choi Goon’s live stream last week. The singer-songwriter started swearing while talking about a website for women, the issues between Korea and Japan, and his thoughts on Kangin, school violence, and bullies.

But despite being forgiven, Heechul even received criticism. Though many came to his defense, some accused him of being a hypocrite.

The 39-year-old started criticizing school bullies, saying all of them should be beaten up with a bat and asking their viewers not to live like that. He then said celebrities who used to be school bullies should be exposed, and school bullying should be a big topic to raise more awareness about the issue.

He next discussed a website for women called Women Generation and revealed he had donated a huge amount of money in the past but kept it to himself. He continued he was fine with nobody knowing what he did but later cursed the people on the site’s online community, accusing them of something.

After the broadcast, a lot of people felt uncomfortable with how Heechul spoke about these issues and started criticizing him. So, in response, the 39-year-old issued an official apology, via Soompi.

He admitted his mistake, saying he was wrong to curse and use harsh expressions. However, he seemed unapologetic in what he said about school violence, bullies, and the website.

He also apologized to the fans hurt by the controversy he created and promised he would not be involved in such issues in the future.

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Though many praised Heechul for his honesty, supporting his claims about school bullies, others said he was a hypocrite. He was said to be the presider at a wedding of an influencer, who was revealed to be a school bully.

The influencer in question was the YouTuber Haneul, who got embroiled in a school bullying controversy and admitted her actions. She said she was still immature at the time, but many still criticized her for her seemingly dismissive attitude toward school bullying and for depicting this horrible action as immaturity.

Hence, many questioned Heechul’s stand about school violence and bullies, knowing he used to be the presider at Haneul’s wedding. In a discussion on Pann Nate, one fan commented that he was honest and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, but another claimed he seemed ignorant after what he did. So far, the actor is yet to answer this issue.