‘Attack On Titan’ Saison 4 Part 3 Images Used In Ads In Japan Hyping The Series’ Return More

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Images Used In Ads In Japan Hypingemu5tRMJ 1

All eyes are now on Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 as everyone seems to be preparing for its release. To hype the series more, Japan uses its sneak peek in new ads, and it’s now garnering the fans’ attention.

The production team’s move is now considered a clever marketing strategy for using Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 clips. It’s now gaining traction on Twitter, generating a lot of buzzes and making the viewers more excited for its release.

SportsKeeda noted that the tweet about the ad for the anime’s preview images in Japan sparked a firestorm on Twitter. Every shot in the ad comes from the pictures from the preview of the upcoming chapter’s first cour, which is said to be a special, one-hour-long episode.

However, Mappa is yet to announce when fans will see the second cour of the third part’s release. The studio announced it would be revealed later this year, so fans must wait a little longer.

To excite the fans more, Mappa revealed that the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 had exceeded their expectations. Hence, after consulting with the production team, they have decided to split the third part into two.

In addition, the franchise’s official website and social channels now have links to the 25-minute digest video, which can also be seen on the official Pony Canyon YouTube channel. The clip features the hit anime series in an information-dense video to prepare fans for its next month’s special episode.

These teasers make the awaiting fans more eager to see the anime’s continuation after almost a year of waiting-the second part started on January 10 and ended on April 4. Despite the controversies, it can’t be denied that the series has an intriguing cast of characters, from Eren to Mikasa and more.

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It’s considered the most hyped anime of all time-a masterpiece that Hajime Isayama created and perfectly adapted into an anime by Mappa. The mangaka already completed its manga version in April 2021.

As the final saison’s second part has already adapted up to 130 chapters, only nine chapters are left for the third and fourth parts to adapt. The series’ sound director Masafumi Mima said in a tweet that the current saison has 35 episodes.

So, as the first and second parts already dropped 28 episodes, Attack on Titan Saison 4 Part 3 and Part 4 may feature the remaining episodes, concluding the series with 94 episodes.