‘Boruto’ Episode 288 Release Date, Spoilers: The Official Introduction Of Eida

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The Code arc has officially begun, and the upcoming Boruto Episode 288 preview shows the coming of Eida. Titled Captive Slaves, the female cyborg hints at her major role in Code’s mission to become an Otsutsuki.

Amado developed Eida with abilities that surpass Jigen’s skills, being capable of neutralizing Code. So, fans are set to know more about Eida in her official introduction in Boruto Episode 288, which will be based on the manga’s Chapter 57, titled Eida.

Eida’s coming is rather mysterious, and fans are set to learn about two of her extraordinary powers, making her one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. In the new episode preview, Code is upset with himself for failing to kill Eida, followed by Bug’s voice, saying never to underestimate what she can do.

That said, Code is advised to listen to Bug’s words. He should have learned all of her abilities before awakening her.

Code eyes to make Eida her subordinate or a foot soldier in Boruto Episode 288, but it looks like the opposite happens. As the tables have turned, does Code find himself an enemy more than an ally?

Hence, fans are about to know why Code finds it hard to put Eida down even after she challenges him. Aside from having the ability to know everything, it looks Eida also has a second, equally powerful skill.

Elsewhere, the preview also shows Boruto, Sarada, and Kawaki arguing. By the looks of it, they are talking about how to deal with Code.

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Meanwhile, Boruto Episode 287 saw the start of the highly anticipated Code arc, establishing the new threat Code brought in Konoha. He was the last active Kara member who arrived on a mission, making Boruto and Kawaki his main targets.

However, he had to make major preparations before he could get to these two. Code got a visit from Isshiki, who said his soul would soon be destroyed, though the will of the Otsutsuki would remain.

But though Code was willing to do everything, he was reminded he was a failed vessel. Hence, Isshiki consoled him and assured him he would become an Otsutsuki.

It has been more than a year since the anime featured a manga story. Hence, fans are now over the moon with this new adaptation.

Aside from seeing a familiar villain in action, fans are about to see in the animated form how dangerous he can become in the future. Boruto Episode 288 will drop Sunday, February 19.