‘Boruto’ Episode 290 Release Date, Spoilers: Kawaki Already Tired, Frustrated Of Being Watched

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Boruto Episode 290, titled Presence, trailer has dropped and seen Kawaki getting irritated about his situation at the Leaf Village. He’s judging himself for not being good enough, anxious, and frustrated.

Boruto Episode 290 will be based on the manga’s 61st chapter, titled Madness. Here, fans are about to see Kawaki’s frustration with his stand in the village.

In the new episode preview, Kawaki is seen sneaking out of the house at night, but Niki, the sensor atop a lightning pole, notices him. He knows he’s being watched and growing tired of it.

Konoha is probably preparing to protect Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki more, especially with Code’s impending attack after the villain has formed an alliance with Eida and Daemon. After finding Code’s mark, everyone in the village is alerted, and Kawaki will be soon called upon to protect Konoha and Naruto.

Sure, the surveillance has kept him from being confined anywhere. But the previous two episodes have shown that Kawaki is already tired of doing nothing to protect the Leaf Village and Naruto.

Hence, it’s strongly believed that he may find a way to escape the sensors and do his own thing in Boruto Episode 290, and it’s already hinted in the preview with the erasure of the chakra signature. The teaser also shows Shikamaru and Amado talking and the appearance of Naruto, Ino, and Eida.

Meanwhile, the anime has been establishing its new storyline for the last few episodes, and Boruto Episode 289 has perfectly taken things to another level by officially introducing the current arc’s main villain, Daemon. The anime has spent a year featuring original content.

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Now, it has returned to the canon with the adaptation of the Code Invasion arc. After Isshiki Otsutsuki’s defeat, the anime’s current arc has officially introduced the new enemies Boruto and the rest of the gang will have to face.

Fans have already met Kara’s final member, Code, as he now takes over the Otsutsuki’s main mission. And to do this, he has recruited some of the most powerful allies to attack the Hidden Leaf Village.

After the anime introduces Eida to the TV viewers as one of the strongest androids, Episode 289 changes the tide of the game with the coming of her brother, Daemon. So, what will these siblings do? Find out when the story continues in Boruto Episode 290, which will drop on Sunday, March 5.