BTS’s V Thrills Fans During Live Stream After Funnily Calling Out A Follower Who Calls Him ‘Babe’

BTSs V Thrills Fans During Live Stream After Funnily Calling Out AXmT4Z 1

After two months, BTS’s Kim Taehyung, famously known as V, thrilled fans during his live stream on Weverse Tuesday, March 7. He even made everyone laugh when he answered a fan who called him babe.

The live broadcast lasted only more than 10 minutes, but it was enough for V’s followers to see him. So, what did he say to the fan who called him babe?

I’m your babe? the 27-year-old asked while making his viewers giggle with his gorgeous bare face, messy hair, and plain clothes, per AllKpop. His answer couldn’t help but make fans laugh, considering it was true to his style.

It has been known that the K-pop idol perfectly knows how to slam fans’ flirting ways instead of giving in to the pseudo-boyfriend-girlfriend that other male idols in the industry encourage. Another fan even asked to have the shirt he was wearing.

But once again, V turned the request down, saying the fan couldn’t have it because it was a limited edition. The shirt in question was said to be the collaboration merch between BTS and McDonald’s, released in 2021.

In addition, V revealed he got a perm that day and wasn’t allowed to wash his mane right away, though he did it as soon as he arrived home. He also revealed that he wasn’t a heavy beer drinker and had only tasted it thrice his whole life.

And to make his Filipino fans happy, he said the words I love you and I love you all in their local langue, which was Mahal kita. Mahal ko kayo.

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Meanwhile, V took on J-Hope’s On the Street dance challenge. In a Tuesday post on BTS’s official social media accounts, the two were seen dancing to J-Hope’s hit solo track inside their dance practice studio in HYBE.

The caption wrote, With Taehyung playing basketball J & V in the air. V showed great dancing skills as he looked fluid doing the dance moves, seeing him gliding across the room.

The pair also danced in perfect synchronization. J-Hope later shared on his Instagram story that V only learned of the song’s choreography for five minutes, telling everyone that he was a dance genius.

It’s good to note that BTS members earlier revealed that V could memorize a new choreography after just seeing it once or twice. They even said that his sharp memory could help him remember the past choreographies of their old songs even if they hadn’t performed them for years.