‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 120 Release Date, Spoilers: Yoru’s Plan, Nayuta’s Power, Denji’s Transformation And More May All Be Revealed

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Fans have cast their different theories in the upcoming Chainsaw Man Chapter 120. Though no official spoilers have come out yet, readers seemingly know what will happen next.

Warning: The following content contains major Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

On the list made by SportsKeeda, it noted that Yoru’s plan may get revealed after kissing Denji and leaning over him. Her hand reaches for his head, which may signify that she wants to make Denji her own weapon.

The real extent of Nayuta’s power may also get revealed. Nayuta is known for being the Control Devil’s reincarnation and is set to have the power Makima once had.

But given she’s young, she may not have full control of it yet. So, it may be unleashed in Chainsaw Man Chapter 120, along with her relationship with Denji.

Asa has already developed feelings for Denji. She doesn’t want to kill him, but her War Devil powers don’t work on him, meaning Denji may have no feelings for her.

This makes Asa angry. But knowing Yoru tried to kill Denji, she may finally reveal her true feelings for him.

In addition, Asa or Yoru may finally accept Denji as Chainsaw Man in Chainsaw Man Chapter 120. After Nayuta unleashes her powers on Yoru, a fight between two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may ensue.

This may result in Denji transforming into Chainsaw Man, with Yoru and Asa witnessing his transition.

From there, a fight between the War and Control Devils may happen, though nothing is sure yet.

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Meanwhile, Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, titled Thief, saw Asta and Denji entering the department. He told her to stay away from all the doors, though no reason was revealed.

The two watched movies first before beginning the session. Denji then revealed the second and third rules, which Asa promised not to break.

Rule number three demanded his roommate would not see them making out, offending Asa immediately. She stressed she had no plans to do it, but Denji said she asked him out first.

Asa ended up hating Denji, though their talk returned to movies. Asa’s words made Denji realize that he might only be using her.

Denji later smelled a dog, asking Asa if she did the same. He then saw Yoru looking at him, later leaning and kissing him when Nayuta came to shoot her in the forehead.

What happens from here can be seen when Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 drops on Wednesday, February 15.