‘Boruto’ Chapter 78 Release Date, Spoilers: Setting The Stage For Kawaki, Boruto’s Huge Fight

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Boruto Chapter 78 may see the rise of Kawaki as the main villain in the series, thanks to the drastic decision he made to protect Naruto. As he eagerly wants to know the truth about his suspicions of Momoshiki still controlling Boruto and keeping the shinobi safe, it just shows his immense loyalty to the latter.

Kawaki wanted to fight Boruto to prove his suspicions, hinting that these two would soon get into each other’s throats. That said, Kawaki is set to cause huge chaos, turning the other shinobis against him, which will soon see him as a villain in Boruto Chapter 78.

There will be confusion in the next chapter after discovering both Naruto and Hinata’s disappearance. The sensory unit will first notice this event that will compromise Shikamaru’s preparations and give Code a chance to enter the premises.

Alternatively, Konoha knows Kawaki’s power, but Boruto’s intuition may help to locate him in the vicinity of his home, proving he’s to blame. From there, a conflict will arise, and a future vision where Mitsuki goes into Sage Mode happens.

Kawaki may be the main focus of Boruto Chapter 78. He has finally sealed Naruto and Uzumaki, making his path clear.

He plans to kill the rest of the Otsutsuki clan, and he already has one target. However, he, too, may become a target if he is found at his own place without the Hokage and his wife.

This may result in a heated argument between Kawaki and Boruto or the Konoha Elders which may turn into an all-out fight. If this happens, Konoha may start to panic.

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Though Kawaki only has good intentions, considering Boruto lives in Konoha, its people will try to protect the latter and see the former as a villain. However, it remains to be seen if these two’s fight will finally happen in Boruto Chapter 78.

If not, the stage is already set for their brawl, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens. It’s also good to note that Eida and Daemon are still in Konoha.

Knowing Eida is fascinated with Kawaki, she may take his side and help him in this fight that will make things harder for Konoha. As Daemon, too, follows everything his sister says, Kawaki may have an advantage in this battle, making matters worse.

Boruto Chapter 78 is set to be out on Monday, February 20.