‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 90 Release Date, Spoilers: The Return Of Flying Nimbus, Krillin’s Appearance, And Huge Fight Revealed

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 spoilers have dropped, hinting at the return of Flying Nimbus. Fans will also see Krillin making an appearance as the young heroes, Trunks and Goten, prepare for a new threat Dr. Hedo brings.

Warning: The following content contains major Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

A lot is about to happen in the next chapter that involves the personal and hero lives of Trunks and Goten. After Mai is impressed by Saiyaman X-1, Trunks wants to tell her the truth about his real identity.

However, Goten stops him as everyone is around them. But it looks like nothing can stop Trunks from doing it in the next installment.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hero is mad at the two heroes for defeating his cyborgs. That said, the villain promises he will do more powerful androids to beat Trunks and Goten in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90.

Meanwhile, the massive spoiler leaked on Twitter hints at the return of Flying Nimbus. In the rough drafts, Krillin appears after hearing a woman screaming while on police duty.

An eyeball appears on the ground, belonging to one of Dr. Hedo’s zombie androids. Krillin faces this zombie android group and holds them at gunpoint.

Goten is next seen on the bus, talking to his friends, when a girl approaches him and asks him something. The bus suddenly stops as someone blocks the road. So, who could it be?

Elsewhere, the franchise’s official website drops a preview for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90. The teaser is a sketch made by Toyotaro himself, highlighting Krillin’s appearance.

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It shows the police officer burst into a convenience store run by zombies, proving the new chapter’s spoilers are true. The group is said to be the same as the ones from Mount Butterfly, so it has something to do with the Red Ribbon Army.

Though shocked, Krillin won’t let it affect him and will do everything to stop the zombies. However, a bigger threat will come, and it looks like the hero never sees it happening.

Will he get Goten and Trunks’ help, or will he do things on his own? The website also releases Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 official plotline, teasing Goten and Trunks will finally have a face-off against Dr. Hedo.

A clash between the two half-Saiyan superheroes and the new villain’s android army is about to happen, and fans shouldn’t miss it. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 will be out on Tuesday, February 21.