Fans Question If Suzy Bae Fits Her Role As Former K-Pop Idol In New Netflix Series ‘Doona’

Fans Question If Suzy Bae Fits Her Role As Former KPop Idol In NewbNbXD 1

Netflix confirmed the production of the new K-drama Doona, featuring Suzy Bae. The 28-year-old will play the role of Lee Doo Na, but it looks like fans are now questioning if she perfectly fits the lead character.

Doona will be based on the hit webtoon The Girl Downstairs, written by Songah Min. But with the character’s looks in the original series, some say Suzy’s visuals don’t match the role.

Now to fit Lee Doo Na’s looks in the comics, the former Miss A member has had her hair changed after starting the K-drama’s filming. By the looks of it, her new haircut has brought out her facial features, making her more beautiful.

As expected, the actress got everyone’s attention again, and her pictures quickly went viral on different Korean forums. Despite that, some still think that the show isn’t a good fit for her.

One fan explained that Songah Min is known for writing male-centric stories, so people believe Suzy doesn’t fit the role. In fact, some say she’s prettier than the manhwa character and is hot.

Meanwhile, aside from the Vagabond star’s good looks, her thin figure has also become a hot topic. She shared a series of photos of herself on set for a fashion brand photo shoot, revealing it was for the finale.

‘That pose from before.’ K2<3,’ she continued the caption. Suzy posed with a peace sign and crouched down while staring at the camera.

But what caught everyone’s attention was her thin figure. But in the article’s comment section, some said she was already naturally thin, and her baggy clothes just emphasized it.

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Meanwhile, Suzy will play the former pop idol, Lee Doo Na, while Yang Se Jong will be her opposite male lead star. Doona will be directed by the Crash Landing on You director Lee Jung Hyo.

The new TV adaptation is a coming-of-age drama series that tells the story of a first-year college student and an established female pop idol. After seeing huge success in the music scene, she announces her retirement.

She sets herself away from the music world and goes into a college town shared house. There, she meets an ordinary but broke college student, but despite her status, he has warmth and incredible integrity, helping her cope with the harsh realities of life.

There are no words yet for when Suzy’s Doona will be out. The show is made possible by the production of CJ ENM’s Studio Dragon, Showrunners, and Naver’s Studio N, with distribution by Netflix.