‘One Piece’ Chapter 1077 Release Date, Spoilers: Hints Reveal Possible Major Character Death, Betrayal And More

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The break week is over, which means One Piece Chapter 1077 will finally be out. After a week of hiatus, fans are about to see what will happen next to Luffy and the rest of the gang, and it doesn’t look good.

The hints for One Piece Chapter 1077 have come out, indicating that a major character death may happen. So, who among the fan-favorites is about to say goodbye?

The first hint features a GIF sequence from the 2017 movie Get Out. The film’s lead, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), cries while staring into the camera with a shocked expression.

This seems to show the leaker, Redon’s reaction to the upcoming installment, and it may be shocking. The next hint features a splattering blood scene from the 1987 film Hellraiser.

This scene makes fans think someone may die or sustain a grave injury. This isn’t far from happening, considering the events turn on Egghead Island in One Piece Chapter 1077.

Some fans think it may be a hint that Lucci and Kaku will betray Luffy and Zoro, and they may end up hurting the two. The third hint shows a scene from another anime series, Haikyuu!! where the Karasuno volleyball team looks angry.

Though this is hard to interpret, the team may represent the Vegapunks, and their angry expression may signify the revelation of the traitor. This may also mean that the Stra Hats have discovered Luffy’s decision to release Lucci and Kaku.

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1076 saw the Labo-Stratum fighting against the Seraphims S-Hawk and S-Bear. Lucci and Kaku asked Luffy and Zoro to release them so that they could fight with them.

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S-Bear’s Ursus Shock broke their cuffs, ending up with Luffy and Lucci fighting S-Bear together, while Zoro and Kaku faced S-Hawk. Vegapunk was then revealed deep within the lab, imprisoned with several agents, like CP5, CP7, and CP8.

They were locked when they were about to sail following the inspection of Egghead Island, making him think that there was a traitor amongst the Vegapunks. Elsewhere, the previous chapter showed Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates on Elbaf. Kid was also on the island and ended up fighting Shanks.

Along with Broggy, Dorry, his old friends, and other giants, Shanks warned Kid to give him the Road Polyglyph or fight him. The final scene revealed Shanks didn’t take Kid’s arm, but another Red-Haired Pirates member.

What happens from here can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1077 finally drops on Sunday, March 12.